RPing Cannon Characters

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RPing Cannon Characters

Postby Apocolips » Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:08 pm

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Hey there! If you're interested in adopting a character from the comic (known as 'Kay Characters' or 'Canon Characters') then you've come to the right place! In this guide, we'll teach you all you need to know about Kay Fedewa's adoptable characters, and what's expected of you once you have one. Please read this guide carefully before trying out for a Kay character.

Canon characters are a privilege and a responsibility. If you intend to try out, please understand that we expect a certain level of activity and dedication for these characters. They are not trophies to sit on your desk and gather dust. We discourage trying out for these characters simply because they're Kay characters. We understand that you may love these characters, but so do others! Their players will be selected by deciding who best exhibits their understanding of the character in their tryouts.

Trying Out
I. Read the character's description! Is their personality one you feel comfortable with?
II. Type up a tryout. Remember, quality over quantity!
III. PM the tryout (title the PM with the character's name; ie. Ridge Tryout) to any Moderator (staff listing here).

Character limit
We'd like to give everyone a chance to play a Canon character. To avoid Canon character hoarding, each person is only allowed a maximum of 2 Canon characters. This limit may be lifted (or become stricter) depending on forum activity and interest in the Canon characters.

Activity Rules
As mentioned earlier in the guide, these characters come with activity requirements. Currently, we require at least one post a month, though we encourage more! If you have two Canon characters, each character must be posted each month. A month-long period of inactivity with no notice can result in a Canon character being placed back up for adoption.

General Canon Character Rules
I. You will need moderator approval for the killing/death of a Canon Character. While Staff will not intervene in matters of character development, love, children, fights, or general maiming (scars, etc.), we do not wish to see a Canon Character die without just reason.
II. Wild deviation from the character's personality will result in the character being put back up for adoption by Staff. IC personality development is absolutely fine, of course.
III. Any blood relationship to a Canon Character (sibling, cousin, etc) not played out ICly (mates & children) will need approval by the Staff.
IV. Canon Characters can only be played on the official Blackblood Alliance Forum. While we understand other forums may crop up, at present this is the only forum they're allowed use on.
V. In regards to Canon characters in alpha positions, the staff reserve the right to place said character back up for adoption if they deem that the player has not spent sufficient time developing their pack or generally fulfilling their role as alpha. That being said, make sure you can take on the responsibility of not only a Canon Character, but an alpha character as well.
VI. Canon Characters have their profiles already posted on a sub-account set up by the Staff. Using the provided Canon Character persona for all IC posts is required. Slip-ups aren't really punishable, but please do your best to limit them!

By trying out for a Canon Character, you are agreeing to adhere to these rules in their entirety. All Canon Characters belong to Kay Fedewa.
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