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Roleplay Rules

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As a text-based roleplay forum, our community naturally has an emphasis on writing. We encourage the use of good grammar.
We understand that English may not be the first (or second) language of our users, so we encourage our members to make use
of spellcheckers and online translators. We are aware that it will not catch every little mistake. It's the effort that counts!

We do, however, highly discourage the use of chat/text speak, wolfspeak, uncommon slang terms, and shorthand writing. We especially do not recommend use of such in the roleplay areas. If you're unsure if your grammar is up to par, or would like to practice until you feel comfortable, we encourage you to make use of the Training Grounds. Our volunteers would be happy to help out!

Post Length

In roleplaying areas the expected word count is a minimum of 150 words. This is a loose minimum in place to ensure the user you're roleplaying with has enough information to create a sufficient response. If possible, please refrain from responding to roleplaying posts with one or two sentences, as this usually isn't enough information for the basic roleplaying group to respond to. Please view the provided example for a visual of this expectation.

You can make use of sites like Word Counter if you're unsure of your length.

Wow, I wonder what 150 words looks like when typed? That first sentence alone was ten. Is it difficult to type 150 words? It'll probably help if I didn't continually backspace because I thought of a word that fit better than the initial one. Also, spelling errors. I've already had to backpedal and fix at least one word per sentence so far. Oh, would you look at that! We're almost a third of the way there! Hmm, I'll likely make 1, 100 word paragraph. You know, just to give you the general gist of what an expected post looks like.

Yessiree, that first paragraph is exactly 100 words long. Doesn't seem like much, does it? Imagine how much faster this goes when you're really getting into playing your character or are a part of a super exciting plot! I bet you'd just breeze past this in no time. We've just past 150 words.

Keep it PG-13.

Please, do not publicly roleplay your characters getting it on. If you want to roleplay such things, keep it in a private medium, such as PMs or IMs. Roleplays that can be viewed as pornographic will be immediately removed.

In Character vs Out Of Character.

In Character [ IC ] refers to the knowledge, etc. your character gains through roleplay. Out Of Character [ OOC ] refers to the knowledge, etc. you as a player gain. Using OOC knowledge of plots, events, etc. when there's no way your character ICly knows it is considered godmodding/power-playing.

Godmodding / Power-playing.

Godmodding/power-playing is just poor roleplay etiquette. The following are considered categories of godmodding/power-playing:

  • Using OOC knowledge to gain advantage during IC events.
  • Creating an overly powerful, god-like character.
  • Controlling other members characters in your posts.
  • Thrill killing other members characters.

Packs and Neutral Zones.

Packs, while subject to forum rules, also work on their separate own rules. Each pack has a different structure and a different way of doing things. It is the responsibility of members to read carefully to avoid a faux pas in roleplay etiquette. A character traipsing through a pack's land could end up in dire consequences!

Neutral Zones, on the other hand, are not governed like packs are. Groups that are roleplayed in neutral territories cannot label themselves as a pack. They cannot have a structure or a hierarchy. They cannot carve a part of a Neutral zone for themselves. Neutral zones are meant to be areas that are free of the confines that come with being in a territory.

Consent vs No-consent.

Consensual roleplays (particularly fights and challenges) require all involved parties to agree to a set of rules as to what the level of harm that can be done to any participating character is. Non-consensual roleplays (particularly fights and challenges) require no agreement between involved parties as to what the level of harm that can be done to any participating character is.


The Blackblood Alliance forum will work on a 3-dodge system. Should this prove ineffectual, the fight rules will come under revision. In a nutshell, a fighter can dodge an attack 3 consecutive times before they are forced to take a hit. Should they allow an attack to make contact prior to a 3rd dodge, the counter resets to zero.

Example One:
  • Wolf A attacks wolf B, wolf B dodges.
  • Wolf A makes another attack on wolf B, wolf B dodges again.
  • Wolf A makes a third attack on wolf B, wolf B dodges a third time.
  • Wolf A makes a fourth attack on wolf B, wolf B is forced to take the brunt of the attack.
Example Two:
  • Wolf A attacks wolf B, wolf B dodges.
  • Wolf A makes another attack on wolf B, wolf B takes the attack. Dodge count is set back to zero.

It is highly recommended that fight rules should be agreed upon by participating parties prior to the start of the thread. If a fight thread is agreed as a no-consent fight, dodging 3 consecutive times could result in your character being killed. Members are free to ask other members or moderators to observe a fight to keep track of attacks and dodges or to weigh in on any disputes over fight moves.
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