Character Creation Guide

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Character Creation Guide

Postby Etkri » Thu Jun 30, 2016 3:28 am

Character Creation Guide

So you'd like to give it a go and join the roleplay community here on BBA? Awesome! Creating a character is your first step! Please refer to this guide for everything you'll need to know in regards to how to do so, and how to do it properly.

* Firstly, you need to post your character's profile in the Character Directory. Characters cannot be roleplayed until their profile is posted. From there, Moderators will go through the profiles and either approve and move the profile, or address changes that are needed. If changes are needed, the Moderator will post to let you know as well as move the profile to the Requires Corrections board. If your profile ends up there, please refrain from roleplaying your character until the issues are fixed and your profile is then approved.

* Now, there is a minimum of basic, mandatory information required when posting a character profile. Elaborate character profiles are welcome the same as more bare, standard profiles, but all the same there are eight things the Staff needs in order to approve a profile. They are as shown below:
  • Character Name
  • Character Species
  • Character Sex/Gender
  • Character Age
  • Character Height
  • Character Weight
  • Character Personality (doesn't need to be extensive, bullet pointed traits are acceptable)
  • Character Appearance (describe character if no image is available) *
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We will expect explanations on how your character received any accessories they wear that will be used in roleplay. If your character wears a bandana, for example, and it's something that may be noted by others they interact with through roleplay, then please have a small blurb on how they got it. Please, keep in mind that materials are limited to bone, stone, wood, animal hide and plant-based (such as hemp cording). If an accessory is considered an "unnatural" color, simply state that it's dyed.
If accessories your character are shown wearing will not be used in roleplay, then simply state that they're image only.

* The profile title should be exclusive to your character's name Please do not include nicknames, titles, descriptions, song lyrics, or anything else. The name must be written in plain text, no special characters or symbols. This is important so that any Staff or member can search to either find your character or check for the name's availability.

* Each character must have their own profile in order to be played on the forum. Please only one profile per character when you post. Minor changes to your character's profile are acceptable, and include things like tweaks to the personality, history updates, extension of a character's family, etc.

Familiar companions such as small birds, reptiles, mice, etc do not require their own profile. NPC acquaintances are also allowed to be listed on a character's profile, but my not be RPed without a profile of their own.

Kay's Canon characters will have basic profiles posted prior to adoption that will be available for player use. These profiles may be edited, but the staff asks that no core character information be altered on these characters.

* Names may not be shared, save for permission from the member who originally used the name. Members may "reserve" names, so to speak, by either creating a profile or creating an account. Whichever was made first has claim over the name. Alternate spellings of names do not count as the same name. We highly recommend members use the forum search function and the user search funtion to see if the name you'd like to use is available. A listing of names is also included within the Indexes for reference. Should the name already be in use, it is recommended that members either find a different name, or seek approval to share the name.

In the event that a name is reserved or used by an inactive member, the Staff will resolve this like so:
The member wanting to use the name must contact original owner of the name (both on the account in question, if applicable, and the main account if there is one). If they know of other means to contact the user, that is also acceptable in addition to contact the account(s). After two weeks of no response, they must provide quoted proof of their wait to a Staff member, who will then grant them usage of the name. However, if they hear back from the user, they must abide by their decision.

* You may only use art that you own or stock images as references for your characters. Instead of Google Images, we would prefer you link directly from stock image sites like Pixabay, as well as directly from Deviantart users like castlegraphics. Do not use art without permission from the original artist. If you do obtain explicit permission from an artist to use their image, please provide quoted proof in the profile. Always provide credit/links for any image you use. Remember to use offsite image hosts such as photobucket, imageshack, imgur, etc.!

Also be aware of the following, which is part of the Forum Rules:
admin wrote:
  • Art theft will be considered the claiming of art/designs as your own or not crediting the owner/source, tracing others art/images either without permission or credit, using templates without crediting the artist, etc. Please, be considerate of the work of others.

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Re: Character Creation Guide

Postby Etkri » Thu Jun 30, 2016 3:29 am

Character Height & Weight
A Guide to Physical Descriptions

Below we have made a guide as to the height and weight specifications to various species that can be roleplayed on the forum. We ask that you abide by these particulars, as it ensures a consistency for the forum to operate with. If you find that a species' specs are not what you were interested in, we encourage you to look at other breeds that might better suit your character.

Maximum heights and weights are in place for a reason with each breed - those are for overly-large and overweight characters. Anything more would require Staff approval.
While the listed maximum height and weight for species is set in place - with rare exceptions approved by the Staff - we understand that there are often undersized or runt creatures, so we understand if your character misses the minimum height by a margin. However, if for example you were to make a Rubicund Dire be 2' tall, we would have to recommend either making it a hybrid or perhaps Red or Timber.

* Please avoid using decimals (i.e. 3.5ft) when listing a character's height. We encourage, instead, that you use either 3'6" or 3ft 6in (for example).

Hybrid characters are allowed. We ask that all hybrids provide a fractional breakdown of their breed lineage. Make sure the fractions all add up to 1. All hybrids cannot reach the maximum height or weight of the largest breed in their makeup - to do so would require Staff approval.

Fraction Options:
½ ¼ ¾ ⅛ ⅜ ⅝ ⅞

The following hybrids are allowed on the BBA Forum:
- Canine x Canine
- Vulpine x Vulpine
- Canine x Vulpine
- Feline x Feline
- Ursine x Ursine

At present we do accept "hellbeasts" they are referred to as Alteri Hounds. In order to play one of these they have to be approved by a mod before you post there profile up in the Character Directory. Please take a few moments to read over the rules and regulations that have been put forth for this breed listed further in this Guide.

The follow is only a listing of species that staff felt would have the most interest.
Members are allowed to branch out and use species not listed.
This list will update to include other species as necessary.

Species Name
Average height Range (Max Height)
Average weight Range (Max Weight)


Alteri Hound
2' - 3'6" (3'9")
90 lbs - 225 lbs (250 lbs)
   Arctic Wolf
2'- 2'7" (3')
75 lbs - 100 lbs (150 lbs)
1'11" - 2'2" (2'4")
15 lbs - 45 lbs (75 lbs)
   Dire Wolf
2'5" - 2'9" (3')
110 lbs - 175 lbs (225 lbs)

1'5" - 1'10" (2')
20 lbs - 55 lbs (60 lbs)
   Gray Dire Wolf
2'5" - 3' (3'5")
110 lbs - 175 lbs (210 lbs)
   Ice Dire Wolf
3'6" - 4' (4'2")
200 lbs - 280 lbs(300 lbs)
   Maned Wolf
2'2" - 2'6" (2'8")
45 lbs - 75 lbs (80 lbs)

Red Wolf
2'2" - 2'9" (2'11")
35 lbs - 90 lbs (105 lbs)
   Rubicund Dire Wolf
2'9" - 3'10" (4')
200 lbs - 250 lbs (300 lbs)
   Mexican Wolf
2'4" - 2'7" (3')
55 lbs - 100 lbs (125 lbs)
  Timber Wolf
2'4" - 2'10" (3')
55 lbs - 120 lbs (175 lbs)


1' - 2' (2'2")
9 lbs - 40 lbs (50 lbs)
   Cave Lion
3'8" - 4' (4'3")
350 lbs - 625 lbs (770 lbs)
2' - 3'0" (3'3")
120 lbs - 160 lbs (180 lbs)
   Clouded Leopard
10" - 1'4" (1'6")
25 lbs - 50 lbs (55 lbs)

2' - 2'6" (2'9")
125 lbs - 215 lbs (350 lbs)
1'6" - 2'7" (2'9")
135 lbs - 150 lbs (190 lbs)
3'5" - 3'10" (4')
270 lbs - 480 lbs (540 lbs)
   Mountain Lion
2' - 3' (3'2")
65 lbs - 220 lbs (250 lbs)

1'9" - 2'2" (2'3")
15 lbs - 40 lbs (45 lbs)
   Smilodon (Sabre)
3'6" - 3'9" (4')
350 lbs - 620 lbs (660 lbs)
   Snow Leopard
1'10" - 2'1" (2'3")
55 lbs - 120 lbs (170 lbs)
3' - 3'9" (4')
300 lbs - 490 lbs (650 lbs)


Arctic Fox
10" - 1' (1'1")
5 lbs - 15 lbs (20 lbs)
   Fennec Fox
6" - 8" (9")
1 lbs - 4 lbs (5 lbs)
   Gray Fox
1'1" - 1'5" (1'7")
8 lbs - 15 lbs (20 lbs)
   Red Fox
1'2" - 1'8" (1'10")
5 lbs - 30 lbs (35 lbs)


Black Bear
2'4" - 3'5" (3'8")
90 lbs - 550 lbs (1100 lbs)
   Brown Bear
2'4" - 5' (5'3")
120 lbs - 1500 lbs (2400 lbs)
   Cave Bear
4'3" - 5'3" (5'5")
500 lbs - 1100 lbs (1200 lbs)
   Grizzly Bear
3'4"- 4' (4'2")
290 lbs- 790 lbs (1500 lbs)

Kodiak Bear
4'4" - 5' (5'2")
500 lbs - 1500 lbs (2400 lbs)
   Polar Bear
4' - 5'3" (5'5")
330 lbs - 1500 lbs (2000 lbs)


Giant Elk
6'4" - 6'9" (7')
1190 lbs - 1320 lbs (1500 lbs)
   Ground Sloth
14'6" - 15' (17')
3.4 tons - 4 tons (5 tons)
   Mammoth (Wooly)
9'6" - 10' (11')
4.4 tons - 5 tons (6 tons)
7'6" - 8' (9')
3.4 tons - 4 tons (5 tons)

10'6" - 11' (12')
430 lbs - 480 lbs (500 lbs)
   Terror Bird
3'3" - 8'2" (9')
300 lbs - 330 lbs (350 lbs)

Canine Reference Chart

Click for larger reference

While this chart is only a general guide as stereotypical examples of each breed, we encourage members to take a look and get a feel for what these breeds have to offer. Alteri Hounds will obviously drastically differ from one to another. This guide is merely for reference.

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Re: Character Creation Guide

Postby Etkri » Thu Jun 30, 2016 3:30 am

Alteri Hound Guide


"The celestial bodies sent spirits to the earth, to guide and guard it, and those three spirits were very different from one another. With the sun, Rubi was passionate and strong, and he complimented his nightly half, Inari, with her patience and insight. Though those two embodied the light and the dark, there was a third spirit that followed them to earth out of curiosity, out of jealousy. This third spirit, named Alteri, heldtook dominion over the mysterious, frightening and unseen in the universe - black holes, dying stars, dark matter, and death itselfmore. He was a jealous entity, watching with envy as creatures and spirits admired the joy the Sun brought and adored the beauty of the Moon while fearing and reviling his own nature..

He lurked at first, lingering in the shadows as he brought about storms from his mere presence. The longer he lingered, the stronger grew his need to prove himself - to become visible. - became. Alteri gazed with contempt as Rubi and Inari not only looked upon the perfect creation - wolves - but also took on their forms. But he did not consider these creatures to be perfect - he was convinced he could do better.

Under the cover of eclipses that hid the light of both the sun and moon, In the dark of night, with the sun gone and an eclipse hiding the moon’s light from the earth, Alteri began to retreated to his dominion of an abandoned, uninhabited crater. It would be there he’d create his own beings, attempting to bring to fruition an image of himself - the Invisible Deity. Not one looked like the other, with horrendous mutations and deformities plaguing their forms. They vaguely resembled Rubi’s wolves, perhaps stemming from Alteri’s jealousy of the Sun Spirit, though Alteri knew they would never pass for a wolf.

He was initially proud of his creations, and set them loose outside of his crater, named the Alteron Caldera. He would grew bitter when the rest of the earth’s creatures denied them, shunned them, and in some cases killed them. Alteri was so pleased with his creations that he took the forum of one of them and in it, presented himself to Inari, who he loved, in hopes of winning her favor. Rubi was nearby and overheard Alteri speaking to Inari. When he approached and saw Alteri’s form, he asked him what he had done. With pride Alteri showed Rubi and Inari all of his myriad creations. Rubi found them to be monstrous, twisted simulacrums of his original perfect works. Out of a fear that they would mix with his own creations and taint their perfection, Rubi banished Alteri’s creations to a remote crater in hopes of containing them. Frustrated, Alteri, he fled to the dark corners of the universe again, abandoning his hellhound children to their fate."

As such, the mere existence of Alteri Hounds in the BBA universe is seen as an omen, their creation considered a mistake. To those devout to the gods, they are cursed beings in need of purification, redemption, or even death in extreme cultures. They are not common, often frowned upon, and are an anomaly to this universe.

Alteron Caldera

Information about the Alteron Caldera will be posted here. First and foremost, it is where Alteri Hounds congregate as a pack, and is considered their homeland. There are currently tryouts open for anyone looking to lead a new Alteron located here!


  • Wings
  • Venom/Poison (either through bite or secretion)
  • Extra FUNCTIONAL limbs
  • Sizes above those accepted in the height/weight kiosk
  • Front-facing horns
  • Bone quills/spikes
  • Prehensile tails
  • Excessive/lack of fur
  • Stiff fur that forms spike or quill like shapes (cannot be used as weapon)
  • Modified eyes/ears/nose (cannot enhance senses)
  • Scales (moderate, cannot cover entire body)
  • Extra NONFUNCTIONAL limbs
  • Elongated tails
  • Split tails (can function independently from each other)
  • Back-facing horns
  • Bioluminescence

Traits not listed/on the ban list can be considered on a case-by-case basis should there be sufficient reason and on the condition that they won't be used for godmoding/powerplay.


Please fill out this application as fully and honestly as you can, and when complete, send it to either a Founder or Moderator for review. The Staff will look over your application to make sure everything is reasonable and abides by BBA Forum Regulations. In some cases, compromise may be needed for certain traits to become acceptable, and the Staff would appreciate your cooperation.

Only upon Staff approval of your Alteri Hound can they be posted in the Character Directory - please provide quoted proof of approval in their profile.

Thank you!

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[b]Username:[/b] What is your main username?

[b]Character Name:[/b] What is your character's name?
[b]Character Age:[/b] What is your character's age?
[b]Character Species:[/b] What species is your character?
[b]Character Height:[/b] How tall is your character?
[b]Character Weight:[/b] How much does your character weigh?
[b]Character Personality:[/b] What is your character's personality?

[b]Character Image:[/b] Post or link your character's image.
[b]Character Traits:[/b] What traits does your character have?
[b]Disadvantages to said traits:[/b] What are some disadvantages/hindrances to your character having these traits?


Non-canine Alteri Beasts are allowed (felines, equines, etc), though their heights and weights will be considered on a case by case basis. The same application applies, and the Staff will look into it!

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