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Respecting Other Members
This forum's number one aim is to create a friendly environment for all of its members. In order to achieve this, it's required that the members maintain a level of civility with one another, and that everyone conducts themselves in a mature manner.

This forum will not tolerate harassment of it's members.

This includes hateful language, unwarranted aggression (direct or passive), flaming, trolling, slander, or bullying. Do not, under any circumstance, publicly attack another member or incite them into having a "flame war". Harassment made through more private means (PMs, IMs, etc.) will not be tolerated either.

Begging for artwork or otherwise coercing an artist into doing art for you is considered harassment and will not be tolerated.

The consequences for harassment range from warnings to banning (temporary or permanent) depending on severity. However, threats of any manner (death wishes, stalking, hacking, etc.) made against fellow members will result in a permanent ban.

Plagiarism and Theft

The Blackblood Alliance forum sincerely hopes that our members, regardless of age, have the understanding of the following:

-- Plagiarism is the copying of others' work. For the purpose of this forum, this means content originally created by and posted by members. If a member creates something and does not state that you can use it, don't use it without asking for their permission. This applies to all forms of writing, artwork, and even code [css or bbc] layouts used in posts.
-- Art theft will be considered the claiming of art/designs as your own or not crediting the owner/source, tracing others art/images either without permission or credit, using templates without crediting the artist, etc. Please, be considerate of the work of others.


Discussions and Debates
Communicating alternate viewpoints with one another through discussion is valuable and how we learn new things, gain different perspectives and grow. The Blackblood Alliance forum supports our members engaging one another outside of roleplay. Debating views on various topics is to be expected, however it's required that members understand the difference between friendly debate and flat-out arguing. So long as the topic progresses with an amicable tone and valid contributions, moderators will not intervene. When a topic develops into name-calling, rude and/or harassing comments, moderators will intervene by locking the thread and/or removing the posts.

Post Content
The Blackblood Alliance forum has a general rating of PG-13 and content within threads may reflect that. Any discussion that pertains to sensitive material or content above a PG-13 rating must be labelled as [Mature] in the subject title. Artwork that may be considered pornographic in nature or be considered sensitive or offensive in nature will also need to be labelled as [Mature] in the subject title. However, please keep in mind that offensive/illegal material may be removed by staff without warning.

Language (cussing, etc.) in general will not be moderated and be left to members discretion as text can be filtered.

Signatures differ from threads in that they do not offer people the choice on whether they wish to view the material or not, so they must maintain a G to PG-13 rating for text and images. While we are aware members CAN choose to not view signatures entirely, they cannot filter individual signatures. Often times individuals put a lot of work and even important links into their signatures.

Therefore, offensive language or material in a signature will result in Staff asking you to remove it. Failure to do so will result in a warning. Should it remain after the warning, it will be removed by Staff.

General Conduct
The Blackblood Alliance forum would like our members to take note of (and avoid doing) the following:

Bumping/Grave-digging is when one creates a new post in an old topic, bringing it to the front page and top of a board. What this does is re-draw attention to a discussion that's otherwise been considered concluded. If a thread is several months old, we recommend either not commenting on it or creating a new thread.[/list]
Spamming is considered the promotion of sex (toys, enhancements, porn, etc), drugs (pharmaceutical or other), or other unwanted things (random lines of text, etc). We understand that most spam posts are typically done by bots, which will be promptly removed.
Mini-modding is when a member attempts to discipline other forum members instead of bringing the issue to staff attention. While we understand our members wish to help out, there is a difference between informing a fellow member of a wrongdoing and reprimanding them for it. Any serious concerns with another member's behavior should be reported privately to a moderator.
Angst is considered the unloading of your problems, whatever they may be, onto the forum at large. While we understand that members will have their bad days, we encourage the use of off-forum mediums for the purpose of venting. However, if necessary members are free to ask fellow members if they can talk to them via private messaging/IMs.

The Blackblood Alliance forum encourages the use of alternate accounts (AKA character accounts, sub-accounts, persona accounts) for the purpose of organizing characters. We have implemented a mod that allows members to link the accounts they create onto their main account. However, the use of multiple accounts for the purpose of personal gain (increasing the chance of winning characters, etc.) will not be tolerated. These are considered puppet accounts and the use of which may result in a permanent ban.

Inactive accounts will be subject to deletion. Accounts that are considered "inactive" tend to have little-to-no posts and the user has not logged on for a year or more. These accounts will receive both a PM and email warning with a set time limit in which they can dispute the pending deletion.
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