Persona Set-up

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Persona Set-up

Postby admin » Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:58 pm

What are Personas and how do they work?

Personas, or "Character Accounts", are accounts made specifically to play a particular character. Some people prefer to have separate accounts for each character. Our forum offers a special management system, called Personas, in which you only need to log in with one account's username and password ( a "master account", if you will) and then use a pull-down menu to instantly swap to being logged-in as any of your other registered accounts.

For example: I'm Kay and my forum account's name is Kay, but I want to roleplay as Swiftkill. I would register a new account with the username Swiftkill and follow the steps below to link the Swiftkill to my Kay account. When I want to RP Swiftkill, I simply select her from the drop down menu to switch to her account.

In order to use this feature, Follow these steps:

1. Register a new account
2. Log in to your original, "master" account. This is the account that you will link your personas to, your "main" account, as it were.
3. Click the User Control Panel tab, located at the top right of the forum.
4. Fill out the required fields under the Personas tab in your User Control Panel.
    Master Username: (your original, master account username)
    Master Password: (your original, master account pw)
    Linked Username: (your new account username)
    Linked User Password: (your new account PW)
5. Click LINK USERS button
6. Now in the top right you should see a SWITCH USER pulldown menu.

Your new account should be listed there and you should be able to swap back and forth between these.
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